The stories inside me

“A day will come when the story inside you will want to breathe on its own. That’s when you’ll start writing.” ~ Sarah Noffke

Some people take up hobbies later in life. Some are great at these hobbies  having a natural latent talent.  Others have to work a little harder at their talent(s).  Those who are honest with themselves will acknowlege there is always room for learning different techniques in  order to improve.  My writing is far from perfect. It often frustrates me.

A couple of teachers in high school encouraged me to write. They seemed to enjoy my description of a walk in the fields and essays completed in their classes. One particular assignment was to be short story, and it had to be a suject that no one else would write about. My essay was a short and silly narrative about the big toe on my left foot. The other had something to do with Santa Claus being a bell bottomed clad ‘hip’ guy.

In exchanging stories from ‘back then’ with others, it has been commented that I should write about the things I’ve seen pets do. While engaging in genealogical research, many stories told to me by my elders, and stories of my own experiences spring to mind. Keeping the stories is important….the people and their stories live on in the retelling.

These pages and blogs will contain those stories inside me which simply will not leave me alone.  They are all true stories with of course some literary license to flesh out some of the tales.

I hope they will bring you a moment or two while reading.



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